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Beekeeping Equipment 2018

We source our wood-ware (supers, frames, lids, bottoms) from a family business in Kingaroy.  All wood used is Hoop pine, sourced from plantations near Yarraman.  All wood-ware is A grade timber.

The smoker we sell is made in Australia from heavy gauge stainless steel.  Tools and other equipment we mostly import from the USA.  Sadly, few tools (if any) are still made in Australia.  The lemongrass oil we sell we buy from a Non-government Organisation in Cambodia.  The equipment we sell is the equipment we use.


Please note that prices quoted are for pick-up from our Bee House.

Assembled Bee Gear for Sale:

For our assembled bee gear, we use A grade hoop pine supers, galvanised nails, Titebond III glue, Resene professional paint, stainless steel wire, brass eyelets, and thick foundation.

Supers:  (full size) painted, glued, assembled                 $ 65.00

Frames: (full size) assembled, wired, with foundation    $  8.50

Lids:  painted and assembled                                           $ 64.00

Bottom boards: painted and assembled                          $ 47.00

Nuc’s:   assembled and painted (Box, Lid, Bottom)        $110.00  (old style)

assembled (unpainted)                                        $ 85.00  (new style)

flat pack (unpainted)                                            $ 60.00  (new style)

Beekeeping Components:
Please note that models may change.


Supers10 Frame, full depth A grade  $32.00




5-Frame-Nuc-box--metal-lidNucleus (5 Frame, complete, A grade) unassembled           Hoop Pine:                              $60.00

(includes super, lid and botttom)


Bottom-BoardBottom Board

(Weathertex, Cypress Pine Cleats, Hoop Pine Risers) $20.00



Frame-Lid10 Frame Lids
(Rims, 6 mm Weathertex, Metal Cover, Metal 4 Vents) $30.00




Frames, Full Depth, Hoop pine:  each      $  1.60







Thick Foundation, full Depth each         $2.70

13 sheets per kg



Diatomaceous Earth for SHB traps-Small bag    $  2.00





Beetle Blaster Traps (for SHB) single      $ 3.00




Hive Tools


American Style               $  8.00





Australian style      $ 17.00





Bee Brush             $ 10.00





Frame Grip            $ 15.00





Emlock Hive fasteners  $ 12.00 ( includes metal strap)

Still the best way to strap a hive together ready for shifting. Works best with Migratory lids.



Frame-perchFrame Perch   $ 15.00

Excellent when you are doing inspections or splits. The Frame Perch fits perfectly over the hive body and hold up to 4 frames securely.   Minimises the likely hood of squashing bees and gives you plenty of room in the hive to manipulate the frames. Made from Stainless Steel.


Bee Suits:


Bee Suit

Vented Bee Jacket with veil  $ 110.00

The best way to stay cool while working with the bees. Rubberized netting between woven netting alowes excellent ventilation even on the hottest days yet will keep you sting free. Generous cut to allow lose fit. With self-supporting , collapsible veil. Quality zips. And elastic at the wrist and waist.

Sizes:  Please note:  Sizes marked ** IN STOCK.  Others available as back orders.

Size                        Waist Size:                     Chest round:                  Sleeve:
XS                          25 inches                          51.5 inches                    23.5 inches
S                            25.5 inches                       53 inches                       24.5 inches
**M                         27 inches                          56 inches                       24.5 inches
**L                          28 inches                          58 inches                       27.0 inches
XL                           29 inches                          61 inches                      28.5 inches
**2XL                     30 inches                           63 inches                      30.0 inches
3XL                        31.5 inches                        65 inches                      31.5 inches



Bee Suit

Vented Bee Suit  $ 140.00

As above but full suit. Perfect for the serious bee keeper.  Please note items marked ** IN STOCK. Others available as back order.


Sizes:  Length from shoulder to feet:

XS              66 inches
S                67.50 inches
**M            69 inches
**L             70 inches
**XL          71 inches
**2XL        73 inches
**3XL        76 inches




Queen-Excluder-10-frameQueen Excluders, moulded plastic 10 Frame  $ 10.00




Queen-Excluder-8-frameQueen Excluders,      8 Frame      $10.00






Metal Queen Excluder:            $20.00





Propolis Trap:   $15.00






Eyelets (3 mm)   Approx 250    $5.00

Approx 1000   $  18.00





Eyelet Punch     $  8.00






Stainless Steel Wire  250gm:   $10.00






Frame cleaner   $ 10.00




Capping Scratcher ToolCapping Scratcher    $10.00




SmokerSmoker (made in Australia)    $ 80.00

Smoker (made in China)         $40.00




Gloves:  $20.00

Soft leather with ventilated gauntlet. Gives good protection from stings while not interfering with finger movement unduly Nominate Small, Medium or large





Lemon Grass Oil  large      $ 10.00





Nutrition Labels, sheet of 48      $3.00





Capping knife


Electric Uncapping Knife (made in the USA)







Frame Wire Crimper  $16.00





Small Embedder  $ 5.00

Medium Embedder: $15.00

Electric Embedder: $25.00



Jakel Tool

Jakel Tool (German) Introductory Price $40.00 SPECIAL!







Refractometer: Aluminium construction:       $60.00






Honey Filter, stainless steel,

two basket type:                             $45.00




Hive entrance closures

Hive Entrance Closures:             $5.00 large





Entrance closureEntrance Closure:    $10.00

For 10 frame hives. To easily close the entrance to the hive when you have to move it.




Honey bucket 20litre

Honey Bucket:  20Litre, food grade                                         $12.00




Honey gate

Porter gates:  Australian made                                              $27.50




Packaged honey in jars


Bottled Honey:   1 kg jar:    $12.00

500g jar:  $  7.00




We sell our honey from our Beehouse at 59/65 Kilcoy Lane Conondale and at the Witta and Crystal Waters markets. 

We also sell bulk honey – $ 9.00 per kg (min orders apply). 

Our honey is also available at Maleny IGA. 
The following establishment serves food made with our honey.


Bees available spring & early summer from our own splits and queens.
Nuc’s  5 frames       please inquire

Workshops:   $100.00 (please inquire for dates)

* Prices subject to change without notice*