Testimonials from our Workshops:

From Jessica: “Thank you for a brilliant day yesterday. A great mix of theory and practice. I am so inspired to begin my journey into the amazing world of bees! 

Shirley and Jeremy: “Thank you so much Max for an excellent day yesterday at the Bee Keeping workshop. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and you’re right, the cakes Trudi made were delicious. Not only impressed with your vast knowledge, we both thought your delivery style was excellent and we particularly enjoyed the mixture of theory and practical work. We’d be happy to recommend your workshop as excellent value to anyone interested in those wonderful fluttery little creatures.”

From Camille:   “Thank you very much for Saturday. It was very interesting and very inspiring. I would like, now, to get in touch with bees and a bee keeper and work with someone before I start bee-keeping on my own, maybe back in France, maybe in Australia.  Thank you. And your honey is so delicious, that is also very inspiring. Everyone loves it here ?   Can I come to your place to get more one week end this month ? I want to bring back some in France. The tastes are just so different from what we have in France. It’s amazing.   Have a good week.”

Ken and Wendy: Hello Max, thank you for an extremely worthwhile workshop last Saturday. Besides being most enjoyable, it was very informative.”

From Wendy:   “Many thanks for today! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I started to look at More than Honey on line but too much for evening viewing after such a good day. What is your opinion of the warre hives? I am certainly keen to learn more.  Please thank Trudi for her delicious cakes.  Warm wishes.”

Ray and Laura: “Thank you for Saturday. We learned so much and are now more excited than ever to study our bees, and perhaps have one (or more) conventional hives in the future. ”

From Sheila: “Many thanks for the wonderful time you showed us yesterday.  Max, you were incredibly informative on all aspects of the lives of bees and whilst I have always admired them I had little knowledge of just how fabulous they are. Thank you, also Trudi for such a delicious morning tea.”

From Iain R: “Just wanting to say thanks for the great work shop that you performed last weekend, I found it very interesting   Its a great start for anyone wanting to get in to bees.  Once again thanks for the the great day.”

From Maria and Neil:“I want to say thank you again for such an interesting and informative workshop.   It was great too doing the hands-on work on the frames.  Please thank Trudi too for the delicious cakes and nibbles and the refreshing lemonade.”    

From Lenore:   “Thanks for a very informative day last Saturday.  I am really keen to get started. I am interested in one hive (2 boxes – 8 frames each) and Nuc’s for collection in March next year if possible I would like to have the frames and boxes put together, can you let me know if this is O.K., cost etc. Once again the day was excellent, easy going and informative and a good group. Thanks also to Trudi for a lovely morning tea.”

From Wayne:“Thanks again for a very informative and enjoyable workshop yesterday.”

From Peter:” Great workshop and really good to get the hands on with some things I’d not done before. But the highlight for me was the opening of the hives and smelling the honey and honeycomb. It was sensational!

I’m also looking forward to doing some honey videos. The GoPros are going to be really handy. Plus I have an ‘inspection’ camera to put in the really tight places and get a different perspective. I think they would market well and encourage good hive practise. I also have a disc duplicator to print them off as required.

All of the people at the workshop appeared to have caught the bug!

I’ll certainly be spreading the word about the next workshop.

If I wasn’t working next weekend, I’d be suggesting to Mary that we come down so she can have a look at what you are doing. The documentary was also really well put together. Interesting, well-paced and informative. When you get the chance can you let me know what the total cost of the hives that I’ve ordered will be.

I might actually stick with the original plan and order the 3 assembled hives as I have 3 locations that will be really suitable. So if you could make up 3 complete units for me. Plus I will need a smoker, hive tool, brush and a suit.

I was thinking about the size and I thought I might try one on when we pick up the hives. Well thanks again for your hospitality. Trudy’s cooking is awesome. It’s was good to meet you and Trudy and also Matt.

See you soon to pick up the hives. Thanks again for all your knowledge and sharing.”

From John:   “I enjoyed yours and Trudi’s hospitality and extensive knowledge sharing session. Thanks again for an enjoyable experience. Your approach to bee keeping has been another reason why I am keen to get started.  I hope to catch up with you at the next valley bee meeting.”

From Ruth and Jen: “Many thanks for the very informative day Max and for the yummy cakes , tea and coffee Trudi . It was a very enjoyable day !!   We are hooked and will be in contact for supplies . “

From Joanne: “Thank you from all of us! we really enjoyed your talk about bees you were very engaging and had lots of things to show the kids. All of the kids were very excited to buy some honey at the market and we will all be continuing to learn about bees together we hope to see you again sometime at Crystal Waters.”

From Andrew (Product manager, IS and PE):    “Thanks for getting back to me. I must say that I did try various outer suppliers and other than your response found them uninterested in dealing with such a small sale.   The responses I got ranged from borderline rude to not bothering to reply (or return my calls).  Your response was the one highlight in an otherwise disheartening experience – something I will certainly remember when I next have a need to do business again.”

From Siyavash: “Thank you again so much for such a great day yesterday, I found the information and your presentation highly useful and accessible. Please also pass on my appreciation to Matthew for his contribution to the workshop and to Trudy for the memorable morning/afternoon delights. Thank you again for introducing me to the world of beekeeping.” 

From Andy: “Thanks for the workshop on the weekend. It was great.”

From Ken B:   ” I thoroughly enjoyed today’s sessions. As I said, I would be interested in a NUC when you get time to fit me in. I appreciate that I will be on a waiting list, but doing your course today has inspired me more. I will be placing an order for a couple of steps of boxes next week sometime.

Thanks heaps for giving your time and knowledge to us newbies in such a friendly manner. You are such a caring person and we need more people like us in the world.”

Linda “Hello Max,  Thanks for an interesting and informative hands on experience.  Could you please put my  sister and I or your  waiting list for nucs. We have  purchased  a Flow hive each.  Trudi’s cakes exceeded our already high expectations!  Thank you for your hospitality and sharing your expertise.”

Bron:  ”  I attended your workshop last weekend & said I’d get back to you re an old hive down back of my place.  Checked them out couple days ago & unfortunately they have been knocked off their stand & the box is completely smashed as one would suspect for a 20 year old box. It was still upright 3 months ago but we had a really big blow 6 weeks back that took trees out so I guess a branch or just the strong wind did it for them.

I know your orders for hive nukes is full this season but could you please put me down for next year?

If in the meantime I’m lucky enough to get a swarm or have some just simply move into my flow hive I will centrally let you know. I will need some more wax sheets for my hive to but i’ll give you an email before I either come down to CW market or maybe Witta if that was possible for you.

Many thanks for your workshop. I loved it & can’t stop talking & thinking bees. Cheers!”

Siyavash:   “Just a quick note to let you know we had a good journey with the bees to their new home in northern new south whales. I placed the hives in position when we got there and opened the hives and walked away and didn’t have any bees follow me. The next morning as you had predicted the were buzzing around the hives and by the second day there was a lot of action (coming and going) in both hives. We then had rain and I didn’t get the chance to open the hives but hopefully will do so in the next few days.

Thank you again for all your support in getting me started. I am very excited and looking forward to learning and growing with the hives.”

From Rohan:Hopefully you’re getting a decent amount of rain out there. I went to sleep last night and it still hadn’t turned up. Thank you for the course yesterday and thank you to Trudi for her delicious cakes. I had a great day and it was a wonderful experience learning about the beauty of bees.


The only thing missing from the day was the extraction process, however I’ll see if John needs a hand when he is back. We are moving out of this house in a couple of weeks so I am hoping that our next place has enough space for a hive -I might have to make it a requirement.  Thanks again and see you at the Crystal Waters markets in a few weeks.”