Nuc’s For Sale

A nuc is a good way to start a bee hive.  We only sell Nuc’s from our apiary and supply is thus limited. They are generally available from approximately October to January.

A nuc is a mini beehive with a working queen, eggs and larvae (brood), bees of all ages plus some honey and pollen.

The queens are from our own stock and are selected from hives with a history of desirable characteristics or from a reputable supplier:

  • Hygiene
  • Productive
  • Quiet and easy to handle


We invite you to select your own nuc so you feel comfortable with your new bees.  We usually supply a 4 or 5 frame nuc which includes a SHB trap.  The box and strap needs to be returned promptly.  Please ask for the latest price.  If you would like to have your name placed on our subscription list please email us at 


You supplied us with a nuc in November 2015 and we have been pleased and rewarded by our first steps in keeping bees.   I have been very happy with these bees – well mannered and peaceful when being inspected staying on their frames for the most part. They have been reasonably productive in spite of fairly difficult conditions. We have not been in a hurry to harvest any honey but might take one frame in the next few weeks if we get good rains to keep the field flowers blooming. The foraging is light here and if the dry weather continues we will just leave it over winter and not harvest this season. We found that everything we learned at the workshop has been useful, and that we had learned enough on that day to actually get a start working with the bees and to learn more from our reading. We are also members of the Barambah Beekeepers Club which has a mixture of new and very experienced apiarists. There is always lots of help available. I would like to get another nuc in the spring and was wondering when you start taking orders. I have a spare 5-frame nuc here that I can bring over at the end of winter or whenever you are dividing hives. Best regards Ken T”