CHUO University
Faculty of Policy Studies

Permaculture Design Certificate
and Ecovillage Experience

Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia Inc. (GENOA)
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Queensland Australia

Course Overview

During the stay at Crystal Waters students do a mix of theoretical and some light physical work. The course provides a good grounding in Permaculture, ecology and community studies. We use a highly interactive method of teaching/learning. Classes are often held outdoors and students work in groups and benefit from hands on experience. Comprehensive learning material minimises the need for extensive note taking and this allows participants to concentrate fully on subjects being discussed. The maximum of 6 hours of contact time a day is a mixture of class time, group work, field experience and exchanges with residents. “Community days” each week ensure that students meet residents and their families, and get involved in community life.

The course curriculum includes themes related to:
  • care of land
  • ethics
  • zone and sector planning
  • understanding of natural systems
  • food growing and you water and wastewater – the cycle of life
  • sustainable forestry
  • an introduction to soils
  • environmental strategies for urban environments
  • animal systems
  • communities and co-operation
  • healthy shelter design
  • village design and community building
  • understanding energy cycles

Other possibilities (extra curricular activities):

  • Food facts (dietary information)
  • Bushwalk
  • River walk
  • Night walk
  • Windbreaks
  • Bush foods
  • Fire management
  • Architectural tour of Crystal Waters

Extra Extras (extra costs):

  • Massage
  • Visit koala park
  • Visit Steve Irwin’s crocodile park
  • Visit Under Water World aquarium
  • Visit local craft markets



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