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Australian Expressions – "Aussie Lingo"


As a former British colony we speak English ‘down under’, but over the years some local terms have developed which may at first seem puzzling… Many of these terms came into being in the 19th century and have carried through to the present day. Most spelling follows the British style (i.e. ‘through’ rather than ‘thru’).

Some words and phrases you may need to know…..

Cozzie bathing costume or trunks or swimmers
Mate friend or pal
Tucker food
Tallie large bottle of beer
Stubby small bottle of beer
Tinny can of beer
Stubbies working shorts (usually short)
Didya-ava-goodweekend? Did you have an enjoyable weekend break?
Smoko work break or smoking break
Fair Dinkum honestly or the truth
Cuppa mug of tea or coffee
Tea lunchtime meal / drink of tea and a snack
Dunny toilet or bathroom or loo
Brekkie breakfast
Jumper pullover or sweater made of wool
G’day hello or hi
Bobby Dazzler something that is wonderful, really neat, excellent
How-are-ya? how are you or hello
Flat out like a lizard drinking very very busy
Like a goanna down a drainpipe being quick to act or grasp the moment
Hoo Roo goodbye or see you later
Do yer na-na lose your temper
Bonza great or terrific or excellent or far out etc..
Billabong water hole or small lake – naturally forming
Bikkie biscuit or cookie
Uni university
Have a go give something a try that you are not sure about / participate
Arvo or t’s’arvo afternoon or this afternoon
Chook chicken
Sanger sandwich
Snag sausage (usually b-b-qed)
I’m right I’m alright / I’m being served
She’ll be right no worries / everything is under control
Come a croppa or come unstuck have a minor accident or problem/hassle
Lolly sweetie or candy
True Blue real Aussie person or thing or action
Yakka or Hard Yakka hard physical work
Digger worker or protagonist in a story
Spit the dummy blow your top or become angry
Catchya or Seeya good bye
Struth or Aw Struth similar to gosh or oh my gosh
Have a blue or "a Blue" To have a fight or violent arguement
Ta thankyou
Cheers bottoms up – equivalent to kampai in Japanese
Arvo afternoon
Pull your finger out Stop dawdling or hurry up or get a move on
Lingo or Strine Australian colloquial language
Prawn shrimp
Don’t come the raw prawn with me Do not try to antagonise or irritate me
Barby B-B-Q
Bonza really good or nice
Silly galah * stupid / foolish


*The galah is a pink and grey bird of the cockatoo/parrot family which often exhibits seemingly foolish antics like flying about the sky ducking and weaving through the trees aimlessly screeching, hanging upside down from tree branches then falling off. They are a seed/fruit/nut eating bird which can often be seen feeding on the ground in large flocks. One of the many many bird varieties to be found at Crystal Waters.

Further Investigation of Aussie Slang Terms

The following links are to a selection of Australian slang sites, some of which use rather colourful language…


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