CHUO University
Faculty of Policy Studies

Permaculture Design Certificate
and Ecovillage Experience

Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia Inc. (GENOA)
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Queensland Australia



EcoLogical Solutions in conjunction with The Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia Inc. (GENOA) and Chuo University, Japan, is offering a cross-cultural practicum and Permaculture Design Certificate at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, Australia

Crystal Waters is located about 70 miles north west of the city of Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia. Our climate is subtropical – mild winters and warm to hot (at times humid) summers. We are located about one hour from some of the best beaches in the world and close to awe inspiring old growth sub-tropical rainforest.

Crystal Waters is becoming almost as famous for its wildlife as for its ecological design. A complete ban on cats and dogs on the property has brought the wildlife back from the deeper recesses of the forest right to resident’s doorsteps. Students meet kangaroos and wallabies, bandicoots and echidnas, many species of rainforest frogs, and colourful tropical birds during their stay.

Students also meet many of the residents of the village, either in training situations or during the `community days’ scheduled for them. About 220 people live here, and they are generally a friendly and welcoming bunch. Several students from previous University groups made firm friends here, and all are remembered fondly.

The extraordinary brightness of the night sky, free of obscuring city lights, is always a pleasant surprise to visitors.

Many examples of appropriate building technology are to be found here, and many residents allow their homes to be shown to the students. Students see homes constructed from various techniques using earth and timber. We use some of the most advanced methods of waste water re-use available. Farming is by organic means and we collect and use rainwater for drinking.

The students are warmly welcomed by the friendly residents of all ages in Crystal Waters community – which offers an excellent environment for cultural exchanges. Crystal Waters offers a safe, clean and healthy environment for young people to explore exciting ideas and discover a new country.

Throughout the course students are treated to wholesome organically grown food prepared to a special menu. Wherever possible, produce actually grown at Crystal Waters is used. Meals are taken at the commercial kitchen building in an outdoor tropical setting.

During the course students get lots of opportunity to meet residents of the village and learn about their lifestyles. Each week students spend a day with residents at their homes, working alongside them and sharing experiences.


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