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02 May 2020

Further Information – Links

These links provide further information on Australia, Queensland, the climate, culture, and Australian wildlife. There are of course many more sites to be found through your favourite search engines. A selection of Aussie search engines appears at the bottom of the page. Updated and checked 02 May 2003..

Wildlife and Environmental Sites

Queensland Department of Natural Resources fact sheets on land, tree,
water, river, and pest management in Adobe pdf format

Queensland Environmental Protection Agency

All about Queensland frogs – part of the excellent Queensland Museum website

Kondalilla Falls National Park

The Threatened Species Network

All about the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Dairy Industry

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

Australian Geographic Society – producer of fine magazine, maps, books

Bushwalking in Australia

Maleny Weather Station – near Crystal Waters – see what sort of weather we have here

The Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Government and Agency Sites

Queensland Online

Australian Government Website

Sunshine Coast

The wonderful Sunshine Coast has a multitude of natural and man-made attractions to suit all interests and levels of fitness / adventurist spirit. Here are some links to websites where you can explore some of the local attractions for yourselves:

Tourism Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Attractions

Tourism Sites

Queensland Holiday Information

Fraser Island

Fraser Coast Tourism Information

Tourism Queensland Website

Brisbane City Life – a website on the city 60 miles from Crystal Waters

See panoramic photos of the Maleny region at this site

Maleny Scarecrow Carnival website

Media and Visual Sites

Australian News site – ABC – Find out what’s happening here before you arrive

Local TV and Radio Broadcaster

JJJ Youth Radio Network – Great Music!

Brisbane Skyline Web Cam

Local Maleny amateur website

Australian Search Engines

Web Wombat Aussie Search Engine

ANZWERS Search Engine

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