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There is a great breadth of knowledge in the residents of Crystal Waters and surrounding area. Max is supported by specialists in various areas.

Principal Faculty Member:

A dynamic and much sought after teacher and consultant, Max Lindegger has worked all over the world, and is experienced in many different cultures and climates. Born in a Swiss farming village, Max emigrated to Australia in 1969, working as a mechanical engineer designer and in civil engineering. He was invited to attend the first course in Permaculture offered by Bill Mollison in 1979. Since 1981 he has been self-employed as a consultant and teacher in ecologically sustainable design. He has taught in 24 countries and made presentations at conferences in many more. He has designed, co-designed, and developed a number of ecological communities, including the World Habitat Award winning Crystal Waters, and is experienced in design, consultancy and – importantly – in the implementation of proposals. Asked to create the Oceania/Asia secretariat of the newly formed Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) in 1994, Max has since shared his knowledge and experience even more widely. His achievements can be seen in the accolades heaped upon him by clients and students, many of whom have been inspired to go on to create livelihoods in sustainable design. He has lived in Crystal Waters for more than 10 years, where he runs a small BFA certified ecological farm whilst still maintaining a full schedule of consultancy and teaching work.

Author/Co-Author of: Compendium of Subtropical Fruits (Nascimanere), The Best of Permaculture (Nascimanere), Permaculture: An Alternative Agricultural System (McGraw Hill), Conceptual Permaculture Report for Crystal Waters (Nascimanere), Owners Manual for Crystal Waters (Nascimanere), and many articles in magazines, newspapers and journals.

Awards received: Diploma of Permaculture Design (First Issue), The Permaculture Community Service Award (First Issue), ABC Greening Australia Tree Care Award.

Max is Founder and Director of EcoLogical Solutions Ltd, Co-Founder and Director of the international Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and Regional Director for the Global Ecovillage Network (Oceania/Asia) Inc.

Guest Teachers:

Jenny Allen is author of the highly successful coffee table book "Paradise In Your Garden – Smart Permaculture Design". The book has over 240 stunning colour photos – all taken within 50m of her house. The aim of the book is to highlight how so much can be produced in such a small area – and how it can be attractive as well. Jenny and her partner’s garden is a Permaculture Demonstration Property, aimed at making permaculture attractive to a wide population.

Jenny has designed over 100 Permaculture gardens and taught in countries such as Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. She has a Double Major in Politics, a Diploma in Permaculture and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. While studying for her University Exams she cycled 1200km across Australia’s Nullabor Desert.

Jill Jordan originally trained as a psychologist. She began community and local economic development work in her community of Maleny in 1978. Jill has specialised in “community start-ups”, both for community groups and community enterprises since that time, travelling inter-state and overseas to assist communities, to speak at conferences and to give workshops.

Jill became an elected Councillor on Caloundra City Council in the early nineties, and was subsequently employed by the Local Government Association of Queensland as its inaugural Cultural Development Facilitator in 1994. After adding this “string to her bow”, Jill has worked extensively with State Government, Councils and community groups on developing community, local economic and cultural development plans/strategies since then. Jill believes that community economic development and the resulting community skill-building is a powerful antidote to the trend towards globalisation, and to the alienation felt by many people who are not connected to the land or to others around them.

Peter was born in the Netherlands and migrated to Australia in 1958. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Agriculture and worked for 18 years in forest research with CSIRO in Canberra and then for 10 years as a community educator in Brisbane. Peter completed 2 PDC’s at Crystal Waters, one prior to moving there in 1989. Here he has built his own home and has been actively involved in the community as a Co-op Director and Ranger. During this time Peter has also spent two years as a Permaculture advisor in El Salvador with Volunteers Abroad. He currently works as a mediator and casual permaculture teacher. Peter is also a keen bushwalker, cyclist, canoeist and camper.

Barry Goodman has a background of engineering and agriculture. He worked for twenty years in industry mainly as an electrical engineer, and left to start a second career as a farmer in 1970. He was one of the four designers involved in the development of Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, when he was responsible for site works, and has lived there since 1986. During that time he has been involved in the village management and has operated several businesses, including a design consultancy, publisher of the Crystal Waters Guide, and an educational tour operation. He also teaches alternative systems to many permaculture classes. Barry designed and constructed the alternative ideas house in which he lives, and he is a keen gardener- growing much of his own food.

John is a qualified builder with over 20 years experience. Trained as a
carpenter, his interest in sustainable building has led him to develop a
business specialising in rammed earth buildings (Rammed Earth
Constructions Pty Ltd –, and his
extensive experience means that students can be given in depth answers
to queries. He built our EcoCentre, and a number of the homes on Crystal

Tracy Adams was born on the south coast of NSW, grew up in Papua New Guinea and has travelled widely. She has lived in PNG, England, and various parts of Australia including SE Qld, north Qld, SE NSW, Canberra, Brisbane, Alice Springs, and Tennant Creek.

Tracy attained a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science, with majors in Ecology, Land and Water Processes, and land Use Planning. She has partly completed a PhD in rural nature conservation/conservation of remnant native vegetation.

She has been involved in Permaculture, organic farming, revegetation, farm forestry, sustainable forestry, native plant ecology, restoration ecology & nature conservation since 1981. Tracy has worked for Federal, State and local government, Landcare and other community groups in these areas, as well as on several intentional communities in Australia.

Tracy combines a strong interest and experience in policy, assessment and planning for sustainable land use (esp. nature conservation, catchment management, forestry and agriculture) with much practical hands on experience.

Since 1988 she has been actively involved with Heart Politics, Deep Ecology, community advocacy around environmental and social justice issues, facilitating community participation in developing sustainable landuse.

In recent years Tracy has been teaching landcare, restoration ecology, ecology, conservation ecology at Sunshine Coast University and with Landcare groups in SE Queensland. She has also been facilitating workshops in social change and deep ecology. Tracy has a strong interest in Effective Learning Environments and methods, and in creativity in learning & teaching. She also has a strong interest in values based planning and living, and in creating a culture of co-operation.

Since moving to Maleny in 1996 Tracy has been involved in various community development projects focussing on bringing people together around our common values and working together to create a sustainable, just and compassionate world with a culture of co-operation.

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