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30 April 2020

Crystal Waters – The Bioregion

Crystal Waters is set in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. This region is one of Australia’s most fashionable and popular holiday destinations, and it’s no wonder! Visit the white sandy surf beaches which stretch for 6Okms, lopped by the warm clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Take a revitalising swim under a cascading waterfall in the deep natural freshwater pools. You can stroll through stunning rainforest gorges or hike along a clifftop trail in the many National Parks covering over 3000 hectares (7500 acres) of this region. Marvel at the volcanic pinnacles of the Glasshouse Mountains steeped in Aboriginal legend, and view the panoramic vistas of this incredible landscape. Ride horseback through the open fields or mountain-bike along forest trails. All this and more is within easy reach of Crystal Waters and students have opportunities to experience this during our programs.

The surrounding and picturesque towns host colourful arts and crafts markets where local artists and artisans sell their wares, a multitude of cultural events, many fine galleries, boutique stores of Australian fashion designers, vibrant pavement cafes and enticing restaurants. There are also many tourist attractions close-by including the Australia Zoo with Croc Hunter Steve lrwin, Underwater World, and the unique natural wonder Fraser Island. Brisbane (pop 1.3 million), the capital city of the ‘Sunshine State’ of Queensland, and its international airport are only 1.5 hours away.

The natural physical beauty of this place takes your breath away. SouthEast Queensland enjoys a subtropical climate of hot summers (20-29°C, 68-84°F), glorious winter days (10-21°C, 50-69°F) with stunning deep blue skies, and bright spring and autumn days (17-26°C, 62-79°F). The weather here is, as the locals say, ‘beautiful one day and perfect the next".

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