Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote the establishment of sustainable systems by providing ethical and effective consultancy and educational services which are sensitive to the cultural and environmental circumstances of our clients. Consulting Focus: ELS accepts commissions worldwide to design and implement holistic living systems which are ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socially just . Projects designed and managed by ELS:
  • Foster appropriate use of natural local resources;

  • Create improved social conditions;

  • Minimise erosion and pollution, and counter land degradation;

  • Retain and maintain natural hydrology and valuable agricultural land;

  • Fit within the cultural framework.

Core Capabilities supporting the above our focus include:
  • Land Assessment
  • The design of sustainable, integrated living systems;

  • A solution-oriented approach appropriate to cultural and ecological needs;

  • Solution delivery through proven project management methodology;

  • The ability to deliver effective educational programmes either in conjunction with development/restoration projects, or independently;

  • Specific expertise based on practical experience in all aspects of sustainable development including ecotourism, village design, forestry, infrastructure, water conservation and waste water management, and ecological restoration.

Recent Clients include:
Project Country Client
Water Conservation Haiti World Vision
Lyndoch Ecovillage Project
S Africa Spier Wineries
Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood New Zealand McKenzie
Gaia Village
Brazil Werlang
Tanamalwila Living & Learning Centre
Sri Lanka Sarvodaya
Ecovillage New Zealand McKenzie
Wren’s Nest Ecovillage S Africa Blumenthal
Gqnubie Green Ecovillage S Africa Hudson Trust
China Walls Ecovillage
Australia Gill Family
Main Arm Ecovillage Australia ReGenesis
MALT Farm Ecovillage Australia MALT Farm Trust
Australia Greenedge
Las Canadas
Tamera Solar Ecovillage

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