Crystal Waters Raw Honey is produced by Trudi and Max Lindegger (with the occasional Bee Iconhelp of family, friends and WWOOFers). We have kept bees since about 1976. We started off with one hive and have only expanded in recent years to keep up with demand. We keep up to 25 hives and also maintain a fairly large vegetable garden, some chickens, an orchard of Pecan Nuts and Kaffir Lime and a small herd of Lowline Angus cattle.

Our products:


We have honey for sale most of the time. We generally sell in glass jars.

  • 1kg costs $ 11.00
  • 500g costs $ 6.50
  • 350g plastic jars by request only
  • We often have bulk honey (in your container) available for $ 8.00 per kg

In each case we pay $ 1.00 for our jars returned in a clean condition (no need to remove the labels)


Beeswax & Beeswax candles:

We render the cappings via a solar process and send them for cleaning and pressing into sheets. We make 100% pure beeswax candles from these sheets.

  • Small candles – $ 5.00 per pair
  • Tealights – (8-9 hr burning time) – $1.50 each
  • Please enquire about costs for larger quantities
  • Wax blocks: pre-cleaned 100% beeswax by request

Contact Us:

A: 59 Crystal Waters.65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale, QLD, 4552

T: (07) 5494 4741

E: max@ecologicalsolutions.com.au