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Faculty of Policy Studies

Permaculture Design Certificate
and Ecovillage Experience

Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia Inc. (GENOA)
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Queensland Australia





We are very much looking forward to meeting you all and showing you Crystal Waters. A few points to make your stay even more comfortable.


What to bring

The nearest town is half an hour’s drive away and it will not be easy to get supplies for personal needs.


Crystal Waters

You may have seen the video, now you will experience the real thing! Expect clean air, open spaces, real darkness (no street lights here!), water without chemicals, a chance to walk in safety at night, lots of birds and wildlife, meeting many new people talking with a funny accent, new food/taste experiences – a different culture. You won’t find dogs or cats here (they would chase the birds away)



Have mail addressed to yourself:

c/- Max O Lindegger, CHUO Course, 59 Crystal Waters, 65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale, Qld 4552, Australia .

URGENT phone messages can be left at +61 7 5494 4741.

Faxes should be sent to +61 7 5494 4578, (your name should be clearly stated).

E-mail: (again, your name should be clearly stated).

We have facilities for you to send and receive e-mail using hotmail or similar web-based e-mail services from two computers located in the EcoCentre.

You may use our fax at cost.

There is an international coin operated phone available, which can also be used with prepaid cards available from course administrators.



Course participants will be accommodated in cabins or in a bunkhouse (4 beds per room) in our Visitors Camping Area which is nestled among tall trees and is a short walk from the Kitchen and Classroom. All rooms are fitted with screens (to keep insects out). There is a modern amenities block with toilets and showers (solar). Coin operated washing machines and dryer are available.


The Course

The course is a mix of theory and varied hands-on learning. We follow a curriculum which has evolved over the last 17 years. We believe that most people learn best through experience after the facts are understood. We encourage students to work in teams.

Experienced resource people, an extensive subject library and unique surrounds combine to make this course a valuable academic as well as a life experience.

Visits to a number of projects create a balance between study and observation, and allows students to see a little of the general bioregion.



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