About Us

Trudi and Max have been keeping bees since 1974, first in Nambour and since 1991 at Crystal Waters.  Max learned the basic beekeeping skills from Len Ernst, a beekeeper down the road who told him “you can help if you don’t run away after the first sting” And so I got the first sting…..and got sucked into beekeeping ! While the main business for most of the last 40 years has been Permaculture Consultancy and teaching (you can learn more about Ecological Solutions P/L here at www.ecologicalsolutions.com.au) bee keeping has always been in the background, waiting to be given a more prominent spot in their lives. Max and Trudi keep about 25 to 30 hives. Most of the bees are Italian’s but a few hives are Caucasian.. All bees are kept around the house at Crystal Waters near Conondale in the Upper Mary Valley. They are surrounded by pastures and mixed forest which provide an ever changing supply of pollen and nectar. All the honey is extracted on the premises in Stainless Steel extractor, stored in Food Grade Plastic buckets and then bottled into Glass or plastic jars. The honey is not heated at any stage. No chemicals are used in the hives or the bee house.  The bees are never moved from the site.  The honey is not blended. Each extraction is unique and depends on the flowers providing the nectar and the season. Contact Details: A:  59 Crystal Waters, 65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale, QLD, 4552 T: (07) 5494 4741 E: max @ ecologicalsolutions.com.au